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Should They Release the Tucson Shooting Video?

Video footage of the recent massacre in Tucson, Arizona, has surfaced. It will definitely be used in court, but should the public see it too?

Almost two weeks out from the Tucson, Arizona, massacre that left six people dead, one congresswoman on the brink of death, and several others hospitalized, most Americans still can’t picture the horror that took place in that Safeway parking lot. Try as we might to fathom the carnage, we’re left to piece together the incident based on various eyewitness testimonies and, perhaps, our nightmares. But now comes news that alleged gunman Jared Loughner’s rampage was caught on tape, and with a clarity that allows you to see heroic rescues and horrific deaths.

Without a doubt, prosecutors will make this security camera footage their star piece of evidence in the case against Loughner. But in an age of increasing transparency, when everyone wants as much information as possible, does the Tucson shooting video also belong on YouTube?

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