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After Donald Trump won the Republican Party's 2016 primary and became its presidential candidate, many pundits said that he'll soon make the pivot and begin to act more presidential.

"My wife is constantly saying, 'Darling, be more presidential.' I just don't know that I want to do it quite yet," Trump said at the time. "And I'll be — at some point, I'm going to be so presidential that you people will be so bored."

It never happened.

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Jimmy Kimmel's Back-to-School Prank Relies on Gender Stereotypes and Homophobia

Jokes about boys wearing girls clothes and "I'm so gay" t-shirts aren't funny.

Having a fresh outfit for the first day of school is a must, but what would you do if your parents suggested you wear something incredibly embarrassing instead? Catching the horrified reactions of kids being presented with terrible outfits on camera was the premise behind a recent prank from the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, "Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Got My Kid a Horrible Back-to-School Outfit."

Like most Kimmel pranks asking parents to send in video of their kids' reactions to "terrible, out of style, or embarrassing back to school outfits,"it straddled the line between cruelty and comedy. But the montage of submitted videos, which Kimmel aired on his show Tuesday night, dived deep into the murky waters of gender and homophobic stereotypes.

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Jamie Oliver and LAUSD Make Up on Jimmy Kimmel Live

The fight between the school district and the celebrity chef over school lunches could be ending if the schmoozing on Kimmel's show is any clue.


Could the battle between the nation's second largest school district, LAUSD, and celebrity chef and food activist Jamie Oliver be coming to a close? Oliver headed to Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday night to talk about his reality show, Food Revolution, and the fight with LAUSD over their refusal to let him film in school cafeterias. LAUSD's new superintendent, John Deasy, made a surprise appearance and the pair announced a plan to go ahead and make LAUSD's food healthier already. As a first step, Deasy says he's getting rid of sugar-filled chocolate- and strawberry-flavored milk, a move the audience and Oliver applauded.

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