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Fake news is rampant on the internet. Unscrupulous websites are encouraged to create misleading stories about political figures because they get clicks.

A study published by Science Advances found that elderly conservatives are, by far, the worst spearders of fake news. Ultra conservatives over the age of 65 shared about seven times more fake information on social media than moderates and super liberals during the 2016 election.

Get ready for things to get worse.

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Jamie Oliver and LAUSD Make Up on Jimmy Kimmel Live

The fight between the school district and the celebrity chef over school lunches could be ending if the schmoozing on Kimmel's show is any clue.


Could the battle between the nation's second largest school district, LAUSD, and celebrity chef and food activist Jamie Oliver be coming to a close? Oliver headed to Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday night to talk about his reality show, Food Revolution, and the fight with LAUSD over their refusal to let him film in school cafeterias. LAUSD's new superintendent, John Deasy, made a surprise appearance and the pair announced a plan to go ahead and make LAUSD's food healthier already. As a first step, Deasy says he's getting rid of sugar-filled chocolate- and strawberry-flavored milk, a move the audience and Oliver applauded.

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