What Happens When You Put a Coffee Table at a Bus Stop?

A local designer created a coffee table and placed it at the bus stop of a busy intersection in the city's Koreatown. The result is fun to watch.

Forget Disneyland, the Hollywood Sign, the Getty. Designer Julie Kim is interested in L.A.'s neglected, forgotten attractions, places like its sidewalks and public transit systems. "It bothers me when outsiders have a perception that Angelenos are all blond surfers that hang out at the beach and drive everywhere," she says. To show the other side of L.A., Kim placed a coffee table she designed at a bus stop on a busy corner in Koreatown (6th and Vermont, to be exact) and shot video from a far enough distance that people didn't know they were being filmed. The resulting 1.5-minute video is pretty fun to watch.

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