Hand Me Downs Go High Tech (Or at Least the Way They're Handed Down Does) Handing Down Hand Me Downs Goes High Tech creates a kids' clothing exchange for the 21st century by merging online technology with traditional 'hand-me-downs.'

That old cliche about kids growing like weeds? It's true. In a matter of months, that cute dress I bought for my preschooler turns into a top. Her jeans quickly become Capri pants. I give away bags full of T-shirts, foot pajamas, and sweaters to other parents but I've still got to throw my credit card down at the Gap to start the whole cycle all over again.

James Reinhart, CEO & co-founder of (and a dad) feels my pain. "We knew parents needed this service because, well clothes don't grow and kids do." he explains. Since launching last spring, the online kids' clothing exchange has thousands of members and has facilitated the exchange of some 150,000 clothing items.

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