The 'Homeless Man with a Golden Voice' Gets a Third Chance

One year ago, Ted Williams drank away a new lease on life. But not everyone's given up on him yet.

In January 2011, we first told you about Ted Williams, the so-called "homeless man with a golden voice" who'd fallen on hard times after promising career in radio collapsed under alcoholism. A happenstance run-in with an Ohio newspaper reporter resulted in swarm of media attention focused on Williams, which in turn turned his life around overnight. He was offered myriad voice-over jobs and lucrative sports announcing gigs, and it looked like he was about to be set for life. But then it all went to hell almost immediately.

Unaccustomed to all the attention, Williams, who had been fighting to remain sober for years, snapped under the pressure, spiraling once again into alcoholism and losing out on all the deals dangling in front of his eyes. At the time of his unraveling, I said I hoped he might be able to have a comeback to his comeback. "If there's such a thing as a second chance," I wrote, "there should be a third chance, too." As luck would have it, it turns out someone agreed with me.

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