Who Runs the World? Three Girls Sweep Google's Science Fair

Three young American women, Lauren Hodge, Naomi Shah and Shree Bose won Google's global science competition.

It turns out that when Beyoncé sings that girls run the world, she might be right. They're at least running the Google Science Fair world. On Tuesday three young American women, Lauren Hodge, Naomi Shah, and Shree Bose, smashed the stereotype that only boys are good at science and became the winners of Google's inaugural science competition.

The Google "judges said the unifying elements of all three young women were their intellectual curiosity, their tenaciousness and their ambition to use science to find solutions to big problems." They beat out "over 7,500 entries from more than 10,000 young scientists in over 90 countries around the world," and their projects are undeniably impressive.

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