Why We Love Stephen Colbert: Straight Marriage Bans and Pretending Everybody's White

From Google Glass for the common folk to banning straight marriage, this is why we love Stephen Colbert.

You know those segments where Stephen Colbert nails the cultural zeitgeist so expertly that you have tears of laughter streaming down your cheeks? The above clip of The Colbert Report could be Exhibit A of why we love him.

Colbert kicks things off with the version of Google Glass that those of us who aren't BFF's with Sergey Brin are familiar with, and then segways to an epic interview with Donna Edwards, the Congresswoman for Maryland's 4th District, where Brin grew up. You see, it turns out that Maryland's 4th District is the first majority-black suburban district in America, making it, says Colbert, "the first suburb ever to be pulled over by the cops." When Edwards points out to Colbert that the district is very diverse, he replies, "I don't see race. I've evolved beyond that. I just pretend everybody's white."

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