This Cheesy, Star-Studded ‘90s Recycling PSA is Amazing

If Bette Midler, Queen Latifah, and Bugs Bunny can’t get you to recycle, then no one can.

Ozzy Osbourne and a Cartoon Yak. Screenshot from "Yakety Yak-Take it Back" video

Recycling has come a long way since the early ‘90s. But let me take you back to the nascent days of curbside sorting, when no one knew the difference between different kinds of plastics, Everybody was Dancing Now, and a sincere young Michael Stipe was Losing his Religion. Jolie Jones, daughter of Quincy, and founder of the Take it Back Foundation, an environmental awareness group, had an idea for bringing the magic of other star-studded musical benefits like “We Are the World” to the issue of recycling. The result was “Yakety Yak—Take it Back,” a recycling-themed send up of the Coasters’ 1958 megahit “Yakety Yak (Don’t Talk Back),” featuring some of the biggest musical stars of the day, along with a number of animated characters.

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