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School Bans Gold Grills. Students Respond with Hip-Hop Track

Teens at Savannah High School decided to make a rap song about the annoying no gold teeth rule. Their principal gave them permission to make a video.

\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nSavannah High School principal Toney Jordan says he doesn't "allow my kids to talk to me with those removable gold teeth grills in their mouths, and we have a strict policy for tucking in shirttails." The Georgia principal is always reminding kids of the rules, so in response to his badgering, senior Raynell Murrel and his friends composed a rap song titled, "I Can't Hear You With That Gold in Your Mouth." Instead of giving them detention, the good-natured administrator encouraged their creative spark by helping them make a mini music video.

Jordan asked technology teacher Deborah Hargroves to assist the teens with the effort. She told the Savannah Morning News, "It has become a school-wide project. Everyone is going to have a part—the band, the cheerleaders, even the staff will do little dance routines." When it's finished, the teens plan to enter it in student media contests and, of course, have a video release party.

I'm not a fan of teens wearing grills, but it's great to see that Jordan and the rest of the Savannah High staff are savvy enough to know that engaging student interests—including hip-hop—can go a long way toward encouraging creativity and achievement. You can watch a bit of the video filming process, where the kids are clearly enjoying their moment in the spotlight, in the clip above.

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