Awesome Group of Muslim Girls Make Faith-Friendly B-Ball Uniforms

These middle schoolers stay true to their religion, and their team, with their own custom line of basketball gear.

Say what you will, but middle-school basketball is no joke. Out at the Cedar Riverside Community Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, a group of Muslim girls on a basketball team took their game very seriously—as well as their faith. But a lot of items they wanted to wear, including a hijab, weren’t part of their traditional basketball uniform. So they took a time out and came up with a strategy: since the uniforms didn’t work for them, they would design their own.

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Don’t Call It a Mosque

From women-only congregations to the Tumblr Imam, a new generation of Muslim Americans is practicing Islam their own way.

If you had told me, five or 10 years ago, that in the near future I’d find myself standing among an all-female Muslim congregation in a former synagogue-turned-multifaith space in East Los Angeles, I would have had trouble believing you. Five years ago, the idea of a women-only mosque seemed like an impossibility—the kind of project that would suffer far harsher criticism than it was worth.

But just last month, I prayed my Friday prayers as the California sunlight streamed in through stained-glass windows bearing the Star of David, standing side by side with other Muslim women from all over Los Angeles County. Edina Lekovic, a representative from the Muslim Public Affairs Council and a prominent public figure in the local Muslim community, offered the Women’s Mosque of America its inaugural sermon, or “khutbah,” standing at a podium between two banners bearing the name of God and his Prophet, Mohammad.

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Canadian Judge Says Muslim Woman Isn’t #SuitablyDressed for Court

The judge postponed her case because she wouldn’t remove her hijab.

Rania Al-Alloul. Screencap of CBC News video.

A Canadian judge revealed herself to be a racist, bigoted jerk when she refused to hear the case of a Muslim who wears the hijab. Judge Eliana Marengo told Rania Al-Alloul that she wasn’t “suitably dressed” for the court and that she would have to remove the headscarf if she wanted to present her case. Al-Alloul, who was in court to get her car back after it was impounded by the police, refused to do so. Judge Marengo then adjourned court.

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C-Span Implies Muslims Aren't Democrats or Republicans

During a recent broadcast, C-Span 3 divided callers into "Democrats," "Republicans," and "Independents and Muslim Americans."

Here's a case of commendable intentions gone awry. This is a screen grab from C-Span 3 during coverage of the Congressman Peter King's hearings on radicalization in the American Muslim community. Many are saying singling out Muslims with these hearings only further stigmatizes the religion as un-American.

C-Span isn't helping with that. In reaching out to solicit the perspectives of those most affected by the hearings, they end up reinforcing the bias and stigma that is fueling anti-muslim fears to begin with.

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How to Save Multiculturalism

"Multiculturalism" isn't a bad word. Embracing the differences diverse people bring to the table can create endless educational opportunities.

U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron just reignited the debate on "multiculturalism," joining ranks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Sarkozy by declaring their multicultural policies a "failure." As a U.S. passport carrying, multilingual, daughter of immigrants, and as a mother of aspiring global citizens, such a defeat felt like a kick in the gut. In my travels speaking to diverse audiences on gaining a global perspective and the tools contained in my book, Growing Up Global: Raising Children to Be At Home in the World, I’ve seen quite the opposite: individuals of varied backgrounds coming together to raise beautiful families, make friends across cultural and ideological lines, and take tangible steps toward building a better world for their children.

Upon closer review, David Cameron’s justification for the failure of multiculturalism seemed reasonable: "Under the doctrine of state multiculturalism, we have encouraged different cultures to live separate lives, apart from each other and apart from the mainstream." Speaking specifically of radical Muslim youth, Cameron argued this resulted in marginalization, rootlessness, and "behaving in ways that run completely counter to our values."

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