Turn Your Favorite Songs Into Colorful, Moving Landscapes With New App

Tech start-up REIFY, or “to make real,” transforms sound into colorful animations.

NEW INC Demo Day presentation, courtesy of NEW INC.

The first thing guests at last week’s event at Red Bull Studios in Chelsea noticed were the glowing pom-poms. They hung from the ceiling like dried dandelion stalks and, when voice-activated, lit up like white, prickly fireflies. “LUMA,” by Lisa Park and Kevin Siwoff, was just one of the many dream-like projects on display at the NEW INC Showcase, part of design & technology incubator NEW INC’s Demo Day extravaganza. From the plain brick exterior of Red Bull Studios it’s hard to imagine that inside it looks something like a futuristic space capsulea fitting aesthetic for a location quickly becoming a pivotal player in NYC’s emerging arts and tech scene, and the home of last February’s digi-dystopia by Ryder Ripps. That evening, however, a walk down the signature grated stairs yielded a “Cotton Candy Theremin” (by Emilie Baltz x Phil Sierzega), a live-action GIF generator (Pablo Gnecco x Dan Moore), and an installation called “Snowblind” by The Principals x Studio Studio, which turned the space into a subterranean alien playground filled with opaque clouds of colors. Despite the fantastical nature of these works, one of the most exciting projects of the day was a small app with the potential to create an almost matrix-like world of sound and color.

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