Eating the Wall Street Journal

It's a performance piece featuring an artist eating and then vomiting up the Wall Street Journal.

Performance artist and provocateur William Pope.L is re-staging his 2000 “Eating The Wall Street Journal” performance at the New Museum's “The Last Newspaper.”

The New York Times describes the original performance:

William Pope.L, 45, a performer and the curator of the series, is doing what his title says, "Eating the Wall Street Journal." Seated on a toilet atop a 10-foot tower, Mr. Pope.L, naked except for a thick dusting of flour over his black skin, a jockstrap, a silk tie and a gold watch, munches on a stack of Wall Street Journals, aided by milk and ketchup. He then regurgitates the contents to dispel the heavy metals and bleaches in the paper.

"Our consumer society promises power and wealth simply by owning certain objects," Mr. Pope.L said, "which harks back to primitive magic and voodoo. I figured if I also eat it, just imagine how much power I can drain from this fetishized object!"


Yeah, what he said.