World’s Largest PR Firm Quits the Fossil Fuel Lobby

Shilling for Big Oil has become a hard job.

Edelman PR, the world’s largest public relations firm, has finally relieved themselves of the increasingly quixotic task of representing America’s oil lobby. For more than a decade, Edelman has flacked for the American Petroleum Institute (API), a trade association that, according to their website, “traces its beginning to World War I, when Congress and the domestic oil and natural gas industry worked together to help the war effort.” But here in the 21st century, as the consensus around climate change’s dire reality has calcified into accepted fact, the struggle to portray the oil business in a positive light has become an uphill slog. The relationship between burning fossil fuels and climate change is well documented; the response from petroleum producers has been to fund an entire industry to deny this established connection. In August, a Motherboard piece took on Edelman and API, highlighting the partnership’s underhanded efforts to perpetuate climate change denial:

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