Slay Your Internet Trolls With This Artist’s Brilliant New Remedy: Spells

Get rid of the internet’s grossest pests with Molly Soda’s totally strange and spot-on spellbook.

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At some point in our lives, we all come into contact with an internet troll. Whether it’s that stranger from high school who can’t stop screaming about food stamp theft, or the patronizing friend who starts every sentence with “Well actually,” the internet is full of idiots with free time. That’s why the artist Molly Soda created a hilarious book of spells, designed—among other things—to help writers and Facebook posters everywhere defend themselves from internet hate. And while the science behind the troll spell has yet to be proven (not sure how “digging holes” will translate to “dying trolls”), her project was met with well-deserved internet tweets, favorites, and acclaim.

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