Expandable “Origami” Pot Grows Along With Plants to Cut Waste

By melding gorgeous design with adaptive functionality, the humble gardening pot goes from static to sustainable.

image via studio ayaskan

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t possess a particularly green thumb. Sure, I’ve got a few potted mint and basil plants lined up on my kitchen countertop, but those were inherited from a since-departed neighbor. I’m fairly certain that if I’d been the one tasked with raising them from seedlings, well, my countertop would probably be a lot emptier than it is now. In particular, I’ve never gotten the hang of transferring a plant from a small pot to another larger, more accommodating one. Invariably I’ll slice the roots or over/under water the newly-transferred foliage, at which point the plant dies, and for my effort I’m left with not one, but two empty, useless pots. What a waste all around.

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