Intermission: The Guerrilla Gardener

See a "guerilla gardener" attack some potholes and make the world a little more beautiful.


Steve Wheen calls himself a "guerilla gardener." But rather than attacking man-eating plants and running through jungles for a living, he targets potholes and neglected street corners in East London, filling them with soil, flower bulbs, and delightful mini-props (including twine, picnic blankets, tiny plush armchairs, and tiny golf clubs). He even planted a celebratory Royal Wedding garden.

According to his blog, Wheen started pothole gardening as a school project and has done it ever since. He writes, "Part art project, part labour of love, part experiment, part mission to highlight how shit our roads areā€”the pictures and gardens are supposed to put smiles on people's faces and alert them to potholes!"

Frankly, it's adorable.