Double Rainbow Guy for President: 15 Internet Celebs That Should Run for Office

The Double Rainbow Guy is running for president through Facebook. Why not a whole administration of viral sensations?

The Double Rainbow Guy, aka Paul Vasquez, became a YouTube celebrity after he recorded himself weeping at the sight of nature's own color band. Ostensibly on that merit alone, he's now running for president—on Facebook, that is. Vasquez is taking advantage of a new Facebook app called Votocracy. For only $99, Votocracy allows candidates to earn supporters through "likes" before hosting primaries for every state and Washington, D.C. Ultimately, the goal is for the 51 final contestants to compete in a televised race, a la American Idol.

Needless to say, they don't have a TV deal yet. But that's not deterring us from thinking of the possibilities of a country run by viral sensations. Why stop at the presidency? Here, we imagine an entire United States administration culled from YouTube:

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