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"In God We Trust" began appearing on U.S. coins in 1964 during a religious revival inspired by The Civil War. In 1956, President Dwight Eisenhower signed a law making the phrase the national motto.

But doesn't official use of the phase by U.S government bodies violate the first amendment of the United States Constitution?

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Arkansas Governor Won’t Sign Religious Freedom Bill Deemed Anti-LGBTQ

Spurred on by the controversy over Indiana’s law, he’s asked legislators to amend it.

Image via Asa Hutchinson's Facebook page.

All the backlash over Indiana’s controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act has the Arkansas governor rethinking his state’s own legislation on religious freedom. The Republican governor of the “Natural State” said Wednesday he would not sign Arkansas’s own religious freedom bill, which currently sits on his desk, until lawmakers make changes that would allow it to more closely reflect the ethos of the federal law.

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Social Issues and the Economy Aren't a Zero-Sum Game

Some voters wish politicians would ignore social issues and focus on the economy. The problem is, these two things are intertwined.

"I think all politicians need to stick to the economy and get away from social issues," Marty Folger, a banker from Port Clinton, Ohio, told USA Today in a story posted last night. "I've always been more about the economy, and when it comes to the social issues I don't really let them play into my decisions."

Folger's has been a relatively common reaction to the culture war that's bubbled up around women's reproductive rights and religious freedom. Nobody has emphasized the supposed meaningless nature of these issues more than presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. He has repeatedly deflected questions about birth control, intimating that they are irrelevant. Meanwhile, many other Republicans have charged the Obama administration with reigniting the culture war by handing down the birth control mandate in the first place.

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