Denmark’s New Eco-Friendly School is a Marvel of Solar Science

At 25,000-square-meters, the Copenhagen International School will draw huge amounts of solar power from 12,000 panels.

Is there anything Scandinavians can’t do? Whether it’s creating a waterfall in one of the world’s greatest cities, or producing practical everyday furniture, they seem to have this design thing down to a science. Now, in addition, they are also kicking the world’s butts at eco-friendly architecture. Recently Denmark-based C.F. Møller Architects unveiled ambitious plans for an epic, solar-powered building in Nordhavn, Copenhagen, to be completed in 2017. It will be called the Copenhagen International School (CIS) and at 25,000-square-meters it shall stand as the city’s largest school. CIS’s roof will be outfitted with 12,000 solar panels, intended to supply over half of the annual electricity needs for the school’s projected 1,200 students and 280 employees.

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