Iceland Creates Human Search Engine Guðmundur To Answer All Your Nordic Questions

“How cold is it in Iceland? Are there trees? Are elves real?” Guðmundur answers all.

Guðmundur is now taking calls.

Why ask Google, when you could ask Guðmundur? The newest social media campaign to come out of tech-savvy Iceland, Ask Guðmundur, features representatives from across the country offering their local nordic knowledge, and acting as the world’s first IRL “human search engine," or more accurately, your own, personal, internet-based Iceland guides. The platform, presented by Inspired by Iceland, is aimed at helping tourists discover Iceland’s less traveled paths, and features seven Icelanders, from different regions, named Guðmundur (male) or Guðmunda (female) who will proudly offer up their insider knowledge, tips, and mystical treasures.

Guðmundur from the Westfjords.

As a rep for Inspired by Iceland recently said: “We’re hoping that the world will embrace this new, personal service and will share their questions with our human search engine. Iceland is a small country with a wealth of secrets and now Ask Guðmundur will help us share them with the world.” We hope these secrets involve elves and trolls, and that they never run out of volunteer Guðmundur/ Guðmundas. Skál!