Raising Kids Is Hard, Surviving Childbirth Shouldn't Be: Make It Obvious.

Search for the Obvious and ABC's Be the Change: Save a Life are challenging the world to show that moms matter.

There have been lots of trends in childbirth in the past few decades: underwater births, natural births, births under hypnosis. But you know what's hot in the developing world? Surviving. For many women, childbirth today is no safer than it was 100 years ago.

Helping people absorb that alarming fact is the aim of the latest Search for the Obvious challenge. The Search for the Obvious, a project of Acumen Fund, is an effort to collect and distribute obvious solutions to pervasive problems. For this challenge, they've teamed up with our partners at ABC News' Be the Change: Save a Life to bring attention to the absurd—and decidedly fixable—fact that giving birth is still a life-threatening event for many women.

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