Zombies, Pasta, and the Future of Political Protest

Tongue-in-cheek religious movements are a fun way to mobilize for a cause, but this Slovenian zombie church is taking it to the next level.

The new face of European politics

A new faith is on the rise in the small, post-Yugoslav nation of Slovenia. With around 10,000 disciples, it’s now the fifth largest denomination in the country with a population of two million. The new religion isn’t Mormonism or spiritualism or some other globally ascendant force, though, it’s the Trans-Universal Zombie Church of the Blissful Ringing, a faith created specifically to protest political corruption. This undead church shares some irreverent characteristics with other recently invented religions, like the now well-known Pastafarianism, but distinguishes itself in its direct, constructive, and community-building focus.

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