Here’s How Millennials Can Fix Their (Scrambled) Nest Eggs

This is how you get millennials to care about fiscal responsibility

At this point in my life, I am nearly $50,000 in debt. So I went out and spent $100 on brunch last weekend. Weirdly, it helped.

Any sane person would interpret the above combination as someone making extremely bad life choices, but the coexistence of brunch and debt are hallmarks of the millennial generation. Though, to be fair, millennials aren’t the most debt-strapped demographic (largely due to our lack of mortgages).

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Kiva + PayPal: 10 Years of Small Loans and Big Impact

In our first issue, GOOD profiled an emerging nonprofit with a wild idea. A decade later, that little nonprofit has made nearly a billion dollar difference

“My jaw dropped—knowing it was utterly brilliant,” recalled Max Schorr, fellow co-founder of GOOD, of the first time he met with Jessica Jackley and her then-fledgling nonprofit Kiva. This was more than a decade ago, the fall of 2005. GOOD hadn’t technically launched yet, though we’d set our launch date in the months ahead. Kiva was in prototype stage as well. Both our organizations, along with a scattering of other aspiring and active social innovators, piled into a side room of the Net Impact conference held at Stanford to set up our tables and hawk our big ideas to whomever might pass by.

Microlending pioneer Kiva and it's founders profiled in the premier issue of GOOD in 2006.

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Michelle Obama Delivers $100 Million To Morocco For Girls Education

She’s dropping tens of millions of dollars across northern Africa for Let Girls Learn

We have good news!

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Can Brands Really Be “Good”? This New Study Aims to Find Out

New research is revealing surprising insights about corporate altruism.

Maria Redin

Since its inception in 2009, GOOD’s social impact consultancy, GOODcorps, has worked with premier brands like Pepsi, Starbucks, DICK’S, PUMA, the Girl Scouts, and more to design iconic programs that engage brand, consumer and cause in creating real action—not just awareness.

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