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Michelle Obama Delivers $100 Million To Morocco For Girls Education

She’s dropping tens of millions of dollars across northern Africa for Let Girls Learn

We have good news!

During First Lady Michelle Obama’s six-day trip to Morocco, the United States government’s Millennium Challenge Corporation released $100 million for the country to spend on approximately 100,000 students. That chunk of money comes from a larger, $450 million grant provided to Morocco by the MCC last year that was meant to “boost education and employability” in the North African country.

According to the CIA World Factbook, literacy among females ages 15 and older in Morocco was 58.8 percent as of 2015, compared to 78.6 percent among males. This gap is the exact kind of problem Michele and her husband—you know, the President of the United States—are trying to solve with their Let Girls Learn initiative.

According to Let Girls Learn, more than 62 million girls, half of which are adolescents, are not in school, and the ones that are run the risk of not being able finish their education. The First Lady has gotten the World Bank to pledge $2.5 billion over the next five years to education programs that support adolescent girls. The initiative will provide $70 million through USAID for programs that directly benefit girls 10 to 19 in Pakistan. Half of the 100,000 students receiving aid from the latest announcement in Morocco will be girls as well.

On this same trip First Lady Obama visited Liberia, which will receive $27 million from USAID to support the Let Girls Learn movement.

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