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"We need to ensure that companies are pulling their weight alongside government."

Call it a Labour of love for Planet Earth. John McDonnell, the Labour Party's Shadow Chancellor in the United Kingdom's Parliament, has proposed a bold new initiative that would require companies to do their part to help combat climate change.

Under the proposal, companies that aren't "pulling their weight" on environmental reforms could see their status in the London Stock Exchange threatened. McDonnell said the proposal was necessary to "ensure that companies are pulling their weight alongside government." The London Stock Exchange represents more than 2,000 companies from 60 nations and an estimated wealth of nearly $5 trillion U.S. dollars.

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The Planet

Can Stockr Bring Transparency and Democracy to Stock Trading?

If it works, founders say Stockr could become a Bloomberg for the masses.

As niche social networks proliferate, digital citizens are increasingly compartmentalizing their media streams and filtering out the unwanted noise. The tribes are gathering in far smaller tents than Facebook. On the idealist end of the spectrum, there's, a growing international network of people committed to working towards sustainability, and on the more frivolous end there's, a place to brag about how much you drank last night.

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Unbelievable: Berkshire-Hathaway Stock Goes Up When Anne Hathaway Is in the News

The "Hathaway Effect": How Anne Hathaway makes the stock market rise and fall.

The graph above depicts the nearly three-point rise of Berkshire-Hathaway shares on the day after this year's Academy Awards. Although the actress Anne Hathaway, co-host of the 2011 Oscars, has nothing to do with the conglomerate corporation, author Dan Mirvish seems to have found a correlation between her and the company: Every time there's a lot of news chatter about Anne Hathaway, Berkshire-Hathaway, which is headed up by Warren Buffett, sees a jump in its stock prices. The evidence (BRK.A is Berkshire-Hathaway's trading name):

Oct. 3, 2008 - Rachel Getting Married opens: BRK.A up .44%

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