Big Stylish Brother: Live Streetcam 'Fashion' Site Snaps Pedestrians

The new website lets you rank Williamsburg's most stylish, but is it an infringement of privacy?

Yesterday the internet was abuzz with details of newly launched street style website Styleblaster. The site operates using a webcam facing Bedford Avenue, capturing pedestrians in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. The camera snaps a shot of passersby and posts it for the internet to judge the person's style. If you like it, you "tip" the top hat next to the image, it replies "sweet!" and your vote is counted. It's lazy man's fashion photography filtered through the hive mind.

The project is the brainchild of Jules Laplace, a technical director at creative agency OKFocus, and his roommate, internet artist Jack Kalish. The camera points out of their apartment window. According to the website, the idea came in response to their changing neighborhood, which was once primarily artists, and is now occupied more and more by wealthier expats from Manhattan. They state:

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