Hang with Miranda July, Trek Boyle Heights: Have a GOOD LA Weekend

Happy weekend, L.A.! Get heavy with Miranda July's new show at MOCA PDC, and walk the secret history of the Boyle Heights neighborhood.

Summer's in full swing, and without any of that icky humidity you might find in other places this time of year. So why not get out and enjoy Los Angeles this weekend? Check out yet another place to see a movie under the stars, climb atop a statue designed by Miranda July, or hike through the ever-changing community of Boyle Heights. Got something we should know about? Email us at la[at]goodinc[dot]com

Friday Flicks in Pershing Square: As if you didn't have enough places to watch movies outside! Last week kicked off another series of outdoor film screenings, this one at downtown's Pershing Square park. No alcohol allowed (booo), but you can bring picnics, and the backdrop of glittery skyscrapers against the darkening summer sky can't be beat. The theme for the summer is the "silliest, funniest, most over-acted films" of all time. This Friday is Young Sherlock Holmes. Next week, Mommie Dearest. Friday, 8:00 p.m.

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