Get Excited: America is the Gayest It’s Ever Been

It’s not just gay marriage we’re celebrating today. It’s 8.8 million gay people.

Image via Wikimedia

A couple of days ago, conservative Texas pastor Rick Scarborough made an earnest pledge to all Americans: if the Supreme Court passed gay marriage, he would stand up for all that’s good in this world, and set himself on fire. As an alternative, Scarborough also generously offered to be shot (aw, whatta guy!). 100, 30, or even ten years ago his answer might have been met with applause. But 2015 is a different year and a different era, and Scarborough was greeted with beautiful heaps of Internet derision. Today, the pastor’s Twitter account is thankfully silent, as gay people and their allies come to celebrate not a man in flames, but a movement on fire. It’s not just gay marriage we’re celebrating—it’s 8.8 million gay people.

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