Pizza Pavilion Installation in Rome Makes Fine Art Extra Tasty

A plucky group of young artists have banded together to create a DIY tribute to the cheesy classic.

Bauhaus Pizza: Emmenthal, Fresh Tomato, Olives by Anthony Antonellis

A great slice of pizza, and the eating of said pizza, can often be a spiritual experiencebut can it be art? This month, the world’s first pavilion dedicated to “pizza as cultural canvas” went on display at the 56th Venice Biennale. A cheeky addition to an event often defeated by its own pretentiousness, the PIZZA PAVILION takes place at ‘Pizza Al Volo,’ a normal Italian pizzeria, for the duration of the showcase.

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Venice Biennale in Pictures: The Most Important Contemporary Art Today

Over the weekend the 55th Venice Art Bienniale—the largest and most important international showcase for contemporary art—opened to the public.

Over the weekend the 55th Venice Art Biennale, the largest and most important international showcase for contemporary art, opened to the public. Sculpture, drawing, installation, performance, and video were all on view—challenging and expanding our notions of what art is and continues to be.

With more than 150 artists from 37 countries, and 88 National Participations in venues throughout the city, a range of topics were explored visually: everyday life in Iraq; the war zone in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo; cloning as it relates to exploration. There were also calls to look inward, with the main exhibition wondering: "What room is left for inner images in an era besieged by external ones?" And South Korea's Kimsooja asked viewers to tap into their own bodies and breath—an interesting exercise to do among a crowd of art viewers, which included curious members of the clergy.

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Five Exhibits We're Dying to See at the Venice Biennale

Check out our sneak peak from the Venice Bienniale.

There are plenty of reasons to visit Venice, Italy, but this week, the sinking city kicked off the biggest and best art event in the world: The Venice Biennale. With over 150 artists from 37 countries, along with more than 50 auxiliary exhibitions and events, every corner and canal in Venice will be surrounded by art.

We'll also be there to bring you a full report, and we'll be on Twitter and Instagram sharing our favorite images so check back often. In the meantime, here's a preview of five shows we're looking forward to viewing, compiled by Rodrigo Mejia and Aaron Liu.

25% Catalonia at Venice (SPAIN)

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