12 Days of Architecture: 12 Redesigned Military Bases

Architecture for Humanity's "12 Days of Architecture" celebrates the organization's favorite 12 moments of 2012.

In homage to one of our favorite holiday tunes, we're sharing 12 of our favorite moments of 2012.

In August, Architecture for Humanity kicked off our exhibition of finalists and winners of the Open Architecture Challenge to re-imagine defunct military bases—[UN]RESTRICTED ACCESS. The exhibition was part of the 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale, and several of the entrants were able to fly in from across the world to meet one another, discuss their work and boogie down. The challenge may have ended, but the path of these and 150 other entered designs have only just begun. Nearly as many focus sites mean an impressive collection of best practices are being built to trailblaze positive and healing built alternatives to hundreds of neglected military installations.

View the winning entries here. Below are views of two of the winning projects, a Portuguese proposal to design defense batteries outside Lisbon, and a Ugandan proposal to transform a camp for displaced people that was built during decades of conflict.

Images courtesy of Architecture for Humanity