This Apartment Building Is A Micro-City For An Entire Alaskan Town

Whittier, Alaska’s 14-story Begich Towers has its own post office, police station, health clinic, and grocery store

Begich Towers (photo by Jessica Spengler, via Wikimedia Commons)

About an hour southeast of Anchorage is the small town of Whittier, Alaska. In its pleasant summer months, when daylight can last nearly twice as long as in the lower 48 states, the town serves as a beautiful tourist destination and port of call for cruise ships along the Alaskan coast. But Whittier has another claim to fame that sets it apart from its neighboring communities: Nearly all the town’s residents—close to 200 of them—live in a single building, Begich Towers, a former army barracks that’s been converted into a 14-story apartment complex, complete with its own post office, laundromat, and grocery store. The town’s governmental offices are there, as well a small health clinic, the police station, and even a bed and breakfast on the top floor.

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