Food For Thinkers: Edible Architecture

Salmon skin walls and structural systems made from spaghetti: for architect David Garcia, food is a building material with infinite possibilities.

I have to admit, I'm pretty excited with how this week of Food For Thinkers is going. Thus far, we have rediscovered food through the eyes of a space archaeologist, a graphic designer, and a culinary librarian. I say "rediscovered," because I had not previously realized what Sputnik-shaped foods could tell us about Cold War anxiety, how terrifyingly alien supermarket shelves might appear if you grew up without exploring them, and how something as simple as the addition of a childrens' section on a restaurant menu can tell a story about a neighborhood's changing demographics.

Next up is architect David Garcia, who explains that for him, food is just another addition to his repertoire of building materials, each of which has its own formal properties and aesthetic qualities:

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