Last Chance: Eat Retreat Applications Due on Monday

Imagine it: A handpicked group of 30 creative food community leaders, gathered together on a ranch in Sonoma, California, for 48 hours in April.

Imagine it: A handpicked assortment of 30 cooks, writers, molecular gastronomists, designers, curators, pastry entrepreneurs, and food photographers, all gathered together on a gorgeous ranch in Sonoma, California, for 48 hours in April. That's time enough for a lot of eating, drinking, cooking, collaboration, brainstorming, foraging, picnicking, ingredient swapping, s'more-toasting, and more.

I'm describing Eat Retreat, a creative weekend workshop for leaders in the food community organized by three friends—Kathryn Tomajan, Emily Morgan, and Laura Brunow Miner—who like to spend their time eating and making things, and who, between them, can boast of being a Kansas City Barbeque Society Certified Judge, a restaurant consultant, and the founder of Pictory.

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