It's World AIDS Day But Half of Youth With HIV Don't Know it

We need to do more to educate our youth on the HIV/AIDS crisis.

I am 27 years old and I've never known a world without HIV/AIDS. As part of the first generation born into this epidemic, people my age and younger have always had to deal with a world where sex was not just bringing life but it was potentially taking it, too. You’d think we'd be more conscious of the implications of this epidemic, since in our world, sex has always included the threat of HIV. However, it seems that young folks aren't taking HIV/AIDS as seriously as they should.

This past week, the Center for Disease Control released statistics saying people ages 13-24 are a quarter of new HIV infections in the United States, and half of them don't even know they're infected. As we make some strides in the fight against HIV, hearing statistics like this can be disheartening because it feels like we’re moving backwards. Young people are increasingly infected with HIV, and we need to fix it now. But how?

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