Transparency: World AIDS Day Transparency: World AIDS Day
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Transparency: World AIDS Day

by Serifcan Ozcan Naz Sahin

December 3, 2009
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Today is World AIDS Day, a international day to recognize the global AIDS epidemic. While strides have been made both in prevention of transmission and in helping those living with the disease survive longer, there are still currently, 33 million people worldwide suffer from HIV. In honor of the day, our latest Transparency is a look at the countries that have reduced their number of HIV positive populations the most, and those that have seen the largest rise. A note of caution: it's possible that these numbers-both positive and negative-could come from differences in reporting, not necessarily in actual numbers of HIV patients. That said, some of these countries have made real strides and should be celebrated.For more on what you can do to help literacy, consider checking out our old friends at Youth Aids.A collaboration between GOOD and Naz ?ahin and ?erifcan Özcan.


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Transparency: World AIDS Day