Annie Reneau

General Motors has been one of America's largest car and truck companies for more than 100 years, and with a huge "reinvention" underway, they're positioning themselves to be around for a lot longer.

The science on climate change has made it clear that the future of transportation has to be greener and cleaner. Vehicles are one of the main sources of greenhouse gases, and with fossil fuels being both a limited resource and a polluting one, car companies will need to turn to new technologies in order to compete in the global market.

GM, in a big pivot from just a couple of years ago, is embracing that future with both hands. In November, GM withdrew from a Trump administration lawsuit against California's strict emissions standards and invited other companies to do the same. Now, in a hilarious new ad, it has announced that GM will add 30 electric vehicle (EV) models by the year 2025—just four years from now.

In the 90-second spot, which will air during the Super Bowl, Will Ferrell points out that Norway sells more electric vehicles per capita than the United States, and he clearly takes that fact personally. Let Norway dominate the U.S.? No friggin' way.

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