It's unusual for an incumbent president to have staffers jump ship and climb aboard their opponent's boat in an election year. But this is an unusual year and this isn't a normal election. Despite his absolute insistence on hiring loyalists, Trump seems to be losing the support of a surprising number of people who've worked in his administration. (Forbes has a running list here, if you're curious.)

Despite being a staffer most of us have never heard of, the latest Trump administration employee to endorse Biden might be the most influential yet. Olivia Troye served as the lead aide to Vice President Mike Pence for the White House coronavirus task force. Troye, which Pence chairs. She told the Washington Post that she organized and participated in every coronavirus task force meeting from February to July, and what she witnessed from President Trump in that position has prompted her to endorse Joe Biden.

Troye shared some of what she experienced in a video for Republican Voters Against Trump:

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