In Oakland, That Surveillance Van Might Actually Be Part of an Interactive Art Exhibit

“Eye On Oakland” take the conversation about police surveillance out in public and onto the roads

image via (cc) flickr user pollas

For a while it seemed like every crime movie, whether a drama, comedy, or something awkwardly in-between, would feature a scene in which a team of over-worked cops would cram into the back of an unmarked surveillance van, packed with cameras, microphones, and someone telling everyone else to shush while holding a big pair of headphones up to one ear. It’s a cliché in a post-Edward Snowden world, an outdated one as well, but it’s an image which has nonetheless left a lasting impression on what people think of when they think of law enforcement surveillance. Admit it, you’ve probably walked past a nondescript van parked outside an equally nondescript storefront, and wondered–if only for a split second–whether you’d stumbled across a top-secret stakeout.

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