Celebrate Passover With the Forbidden Designer Challah Bag of Temptation

It may be the “breadless” holiday, but you can still gaze at these faux-designer carb-themed bags.

Ain’t No Challah Back (pack) Girl – Prada, 2015
13″ × 7″ / oil paint, urethane, and hardware

Just in time for the holy holiday of forbidden carbs, why not get together with a loved one and covet a highly-attractive, highly-verboten challah bag? Canadian-American painter and sculptor Chloe Wise, known for her inventive takes on the themes of consumerism and mass production, recently created a series of “bread bags”—cheeky homages to disposable luxury and conspicuous consumption in modern society. Wise has cleverly created this faux-line of purses, totes, and backpacks to mimic actual wares by some of fashion’s biggest names, including Prada, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton. In Wise’s world, a dangling lox bagel becomes a coin purse, a PBJ sandwich is a pricey patchwork tote, and an English muffin transforms into a tasty handbag. Created from ordinary breads, the artist casts the forms in urethane before employing a hyperrealist, trompe l’oeil effect—painting the exteriors to create the illusion of fresh baked pastry. Below, check out some of our favorites from her 2015 Bread Bags collection.

American Classic, 2015, 8″ × 8″ / oil paint, urethane, and hardware, all images courtesy of chloe wise

Moschino English Muffin, 2015, 6″ × 4″ / oil paint, urethane, hardware, and leather

Bagel no.5, 2014, oil paint, urethane, sesame seeds and found hardware

Ain’t No Challah Back (pack) GirlChanel, 2015, 13″ × 7″ / oil paint, urethane, and hardware

PB & J LV, 2015, 6″ × 11″ / oil paint, urethane, and hardware

Bagel and Locks, 2015, 5″ / oil paint, urethane, hardware, and fur

In case you are feeling extra sinful this Pessach, a bacon Louis Vuitton plate/chain wallet combo.

Wise’s newest exhibit, Chloe Wise: Pissing, schmoozing, and looking away, is currently on view at the Division Gallery, Montreal until May 2, 2015.


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