Policeman's Best Friend: 5 Famous Dogs With Badges

Meet the 5 most adorable pups that have put themselves in the line of fire.

Dogs have long been used around the world to help police officers protect the peace. Whether a manhunt, a search for a missing person, drugs, bombs, or a response to full scale tragedy, K9 units are now so much a part of the police force, that in the U.S., many dog have their own police badges and IDs. Several different breeds of pups are regularly used in police operations—the most common being German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois. Beagles are often brought to airports for missions like sniffing for explosives; Bloodhounds are know to find everything from cadavers, bombs, and drugs; and the Bernese Mountain Dog is good at locating missing people.

One of the first real attempts to use dogs to help solve a crime and apprehend a criminal was in 1888 when two Bloodhounds were given simple tracking test set by the Metropolitan (London) Police, to help the with the hunt for Jack the Ripper. It didn't go as planned, with one of the hounds biting the Commissioner and both dogs later running off, requiring a police search to find them, but it paved the way for the future of canine cops. Here's a roundup of five of the most famous hounds in police history. Know any pawed police that should be on this list?

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