San Francisco Library Now Recycling all Newspapers for Potty Training Shelter Puppies

The San Francisco Public Library is solving a potty training problem, by donating unwanted newspapers to the city's animal shelter.

San Francisco's pets are now being potty trained with a little help from…the library. As part of a new initiative, the San Francisco Public Library will now be recycling all of it's newspapers and periodicals to the San Francisco Animal Care & Control, in order to line the cages of puppies that are still potty training. The library made their first donation at the end of January, resulting in two 32 gallon recycling bins, with roughly 2,000 old newspapers that the library went through that month.

Until now, the shelter had been relying on donations from the public and the San Francisco Chronicle to help line their cages, but because newspaper readership has gone more digital in recent years, their paper supply had been dwindling. In the meantime the library was just tossing out their unwanted papers. Animal care supervisor Eric Zuercher told SF Gate that "This most likely will take care of 100 percent of our newspaper needs."

What do you do with your unwanted newspapers?

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Photo via (cc) Flickr user Joriel Jimenez