A Hunk of Bookish Love: Oldest Presley Autograph Found in Library Shelves

This library card of Elvis Presley's shows the crooner in a more academic light

A little known fact about Elvis Presley is that the crooner had a penchant for U.S. history. That meant that when the teenaged Presley wasn't playing guitar for his classmates, he was in his high school library learning about his forefathers. Evidence of this was revealed when a librarian at Humes High School—where "The King" was enrolled in 1948—was throwing away old books and found one with Presley's signature.

The piece of memorabilia was sent to auction at this past August, fetching nearly $4,000. It may be the oldest “autograph” of Elvis on record. According to the Heritage Auctions, the card was created, "just months after his family had moved to Memphis from Tupelo, Miss., the 13 year-old Elvis checked out a copy of The Courageous Heart: A Life of Andrew Jackson For Young Readers." The library card was sold along with a copy of the book, so the owner can learn about America's seventh president, and own a little piece of history.

Images courtesy of Heritage Auctions