Pope Kicks Environmental Ass in “Trailer” for New Climate Encyclical

In this satirical video, a Pope Francis lookalike prepares for the ecological fight of his life.

Photo by Benhur Arcayan via Wikimedia Commons

Pope Francis is a complicated man—our current pontiff is a pizza-loving advocate for the poor, an honorary Harlem Globetrotter, and a champion of the environment. Now, the Catholic Church’s supreme overlord is also a kickboxing action hero in a “trailer” for his just-leaked climate encyclical letter, a 192-page document outlining new church positions on climate change. The tongue-in-cheek video, made by Brazilian environmental group Observatorio do Clima, shows the papal crusader fighting evil supervillain oil executives for the very fate of planet Earth. A pope look-alike spouts action catchphrases (“time to take out the trash”), swings his papal ferula like a ninja sword, and trains in an old fighting gym with the holy boxing coach, one Jesus Christ.

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