Romans Stage Tango Dance Party For Pope’s Birthday

Happy birthday, Mr. Pope.

Happy birthday, Mr. Pope! Thousands of people danced the tango in St. Peter’s Square to celebrate the Pope’s 78th birthday. The Argentinean ballroom dance is reportedly one of Pope Francis’ favorite.

“He’s Argentinian and he danced the tango when he was young, “ one dancer told AFP news agency. “It all started in September as a sort of joke but built up a following on Facebook, and from five, 10, 15 people there are now 10,000 followers."

Tens of thousands of other Pope fans arrived with balloons and watched him blow out the candles and drink a sip of Argentiniean maté. The Pope has had a busy birthday week – apparently helped engineer the U.S.’s reconciliation with Cuba, a process that took more than a year.