Kill the K-Cup! (A Short Horror Film)

A mysterious group has posted a video depicting the single-pod brewer as a destructive beast.

They’ve taken over your boardrooms. They’ve invaded your office kitchens. They’re on home counters nationwide, and there’s nothing you can do about it. K-Cups are everywhere, and they’re fucking awful. But some people are fighting back. Earlier this week, a group called Kill the K-Cup posted its first video to YouTube: A two and a half minute short film imagining K-Cups as a violent, Earth-destroying beast, tearing down cities and wreaking havoc on modern society. It’s a real horrow show. It’s unclear who made the video, but some signs point to the pour-over coffee community, members of which have been known to sympathize with environmental causes. Who knows? The K-Cup has made a lot of enemies in the past few years.

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