Kill the K-Cup! (A Short Horror Film)

A mysterious group has posted a video depicting the single-pod brewer as a destructive beast.

They’ve taken over your boardrooms. They’ve invaded your office kitchens. They’re on home counters nationwide, and there’s nothing you can do about it. K-Cups are everywhere, and they’re fucking awful. But some people are fighting back. Earlier this week, a group called Kill the K-Cup posted its first video to YouTube: A two and a half minute short film imagining K-Cups as a violent, Earth-destroying beast, tearing down cities and wreaking havoc on modern society. It’s a real horrow show. It’s unclear who made the video, but some signs point to the pour-over coffee community, members of which have been known to sympathize with environmental causes. Who knows? The K-Cup has made a lot of enemies in the past few years.

Besides the fact that K-Cups produce some of the awful-tasting bean water you can get outside of a Starbucks, they’re also terrible for the environment and possibly bad for your body. But people love the convenience of popping a single-use pod into their Keurig machines for an instant cup of coffee. The machines became household staples in 2012, when Keurig introduced new models of their brewing system available for home use. By 2013, we had already used up enough K-Cups to wrap around the world almost 11 times. Today, the K-Cup takeover continues unabated.


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