Feast Your Eyes: Toaster Guts

A British photographer takes apart our everyday kitchen appliances in search of their "hidden brains" and surprising beauty.

This unusual portrait of a toaster was taken by British photographer Brittny Badger, who spent hours taking apart household appliances in order to photograph their internal organs and "hidden brains." Her goal was to enable us "to view these everyday objects from a new perspective." She told Wired UK:

Sometimes it was a challenge, but it was a very exciting experience because I never knew what I was going to find inside. Each appliance was unique and interesting, I didn't come across one that didn't interest me.


You can visit Badger's Flickr page to appreciate the internal beauty of more disassembled appliances, including a coffeemaker, sandwich press, and—the surprise stunner of the pack—an electric whisk.

Photo by Brittny Badger; story via Wired UK.