An obituary has gone viral for its heartbreaking honesty about opioid addiction.

It also educates those who don’t understand the disease.

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To those who don’t understand addiction, an addict is no more than a person who lacks self-control who’d rather walk around in a daze than deal with real life.

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Chuck Schumer Celebrates 4/20 By Introducing A Bill To Legalize Weed

Support for marijuana legalization has doubled since 2000.

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American views on marijuana legalization have changed drastically over the past two decades. In 2000, 31% of Americans favored legalization, and in 2018, that number has nearly doubled to 61%. But there is still a stark contrast between Republicans and Democrats on the issue.

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A Promising New Drug Kills Pain Like Morphine—And It’s Not Addictive, Either

The compound is a huge step forward in the fight to end America’s dangerous addiction to prescription narcotics.

Throw around the word “opioid”—a morphine-derived painkiller like heroin, Vicodin, or Oxycontin—and “epidemic” is likely to follow. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that U.S. deaths from opioid abuse are at a record high, with 78 fatalities occurring every day, a number that has quadrupled since 1999. A 2016 Kaiser Health survey found that nearly half of respondents reported knowing someone with an addiction to heroin, which in certain parts of the country is becoming a cheap, easily accessible alternative once the prescription runs out.

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Legal Weed Sales Eclipse $1 Billion In Colorado

The state’s tax coffers are overflowing.

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A bright spot in the 2016 election was that four states, California, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Maine all voted to legalize marijuana for recreational use. Now 26 states and the District of Columbia have legalized pot in some form whether for medical or recreational use. Given recent sales figures out of Colorado, states that have chosen to legalize it should be in for a major economic boom.

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