Shwood: Hipster Sunglasses Made of Wood Shwood: Hipster Sunglasses Made of Wood

Shwood makes hip sunglasses out of wood to celebrate the inherent uniqueness in natural materials. Every pair is a little different.

Shwood calls itself "a simple experiment with nature." Harnessing the inherent uniqueness of each piece of wood, Shwood handcrafts sunglasses in their Oregon workshop "to showcase the medium’s natural and unique splendor."

Founder Eric Singer had always enjoyed making art with wood, especially from the trees surrounding his house. "One day he chopped a limb off a neighbor’s tree, and hand-carved a pair of glasses from a solid piece of wood. He attached the temples using cabinet hinges and super-glued a set of cheap lenses into the frame," says Taylor Murray of Shwood. A year of blood, sweat, and sawdust later, the story goes, a company was born.

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