Warby Parker: A Truly Visionary Eyewear Company

Warby Parker makes beautifully crafted eyeglasses in a number of classic styles and sells them (lenses included) for $95. While it would be remarkable in and of itself for a company to sell designer frames and lenses at such a modest price, what really sets Warby Parker apart is that for each pair of spectacles it sells the company donates a pair to a person in need.

Like Toms Shoes before it, Warby Parker appears poised for success; PSFK writes that the company, which was founded by four friends and launched out of one of their apartments in February, hit its first year sales target just four weeks after its launch. With its insistence on high quality design, cutting out middlemen, and delivering an extremely valuable product to people in need, the future looks bright for Warby Parker.

Thanks, Dylan.